The Ant Bully – composer & audio post, 7 interstitials, DNA Productions, Warner Bros. Playtone,Cartoon Network
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius –  composer, 13 interstitials. DNA Productions, Nickelodeon Networks
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron – audio post supervisor, season one Nickelodeon Networks
Dragon Ball GT  – composer 64 episodes, Funimation Productions
Beet: The Vandal Buster – Illumitoon, 26 episodes, Barry Watson producer
Wishbone – PBS/Lyrick Studios composer, various episodes
Compromising Situations – Main title theme, Showtime Networks


Winning Girl, feature documentary – composer, Making Waves Films, Kimberlee Bassford Director,PIC, CPB
The Ant Bully, feature – animatic audio post supervisor, DNA Productions, Playtone Productions, Warner Bros.
Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, feature – music editor, DNA Productions, Paramount Pictures
Dream Big, short – composer, Carmen Menza Director
Pidgin:The Voice of Hawai’i, feature documentary- audio post, Marlene Booth Director
Help Me First, short, composer, sound design, audio post, Mike Gasaway Director
Room Tone, short – composer, audio post –  Mark Whittier Director
Your Move, short – composer, audio post – Nick Gibbons Writer Director
Eye Of The Storm,  feature documentary- composer, Bill Dackman Producer
Killer Sexy, short – composer, audio post, Shirley Thompson Producer/Director
Malebox, short – composer Shirley Thompson producer/director
Emale, short –composer, audio post supervisor, Idea Ranch, Bryan Harston producer/director


Jimmy Neutron – Runaway Rocketboy – Pilot, composer, DNA Productions
Jimmy Neutron – 7 interstitials, composer, Nickelodeon Networks
Owlegories – series,  composer, audio post, Owlegories Film Partners, Tom Boto, Keith Alcorn directors
How To Alamo – Alamo Draft House Theaters, composer, Todd Fechter director
Legal Shield – 7 shorts, composer, audio post,Level 2, Greg Ring Producer.
Don’t Tell My Wife I’m A Cult Leader – composer, audio post, Todd Steinberg Director
Rigg R Reet, short, composer, sound design – Todd Fechter director
Frightlite, short, composer, sound design – Todd Fechter, Eric Farrar directors
Story Of Animation, short, composer, sound design – David Tart Director
Dragon Ball GT : The Movie A Hero’s Legacy, DVD Feature, composer –  Funimation Productions
Dragon Ball Z – 6 direct to DVD Features, composer – Funimation Productions
Jingaroo Children’s’ series, composer, & audio post,  Beckett Entertainment, CR Conant producer

Commercial Broadcast Music

Cook Children’s  – award winning TV & Radio 2 years running
Sinclair “100 Years” – TV &, radio spot
United Regional Hospitals -TV, & Radio campaign, 3 years running
Fast’s Signs – multiple campaigns, multiple years –  TV, Radio, web
Bairds Bread – “Wheat In The Heart Of Texas”
McDonald’s – “Intermission” Green Grass Studios
Pier 1 “Sun-believable” – Reveal Productions
Pier 1 “Good Golly Let’s Get Jolly” – Reveal Productions
Omni Hotels, resorts, Avera Foster
LaCreme Creamer – TV campaign
Ambit – “I Switched”, TV – Reveal Productions
Kimble Art Museum, Fort Worth – multiple campaigns – Broken Films
St. Paul’s Hospital – campaign, Glass Lake Production Group
and much more . . .


Colin – Full length ballet for full orchestra, Manassas Ballet Theatre, Amy Wolfe choreographer
Refugee – Score for: The Theory Of Chance, Carmen Menza Artist
Sundance Square – corporate audio brand
Oncor – corporate audio brand

Countless bespoke web and corporate video scores, songs, and music for live events.

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