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Composer Mark Menza has been writing, arranging and producing music for over 20 years.  Menza Music was founded with a focus on scoring to picture offering composing, sound design, audio postproduction, music supervision, and audio production for all types of media. Mark has worked on the animated franchise, Jimmy Neutron the Motion Picture, [Paramount, Nickelodeon films], and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron TV series as a post supervisor; The Ant Bully Feature [Warner Bros], Dragon Ball GT series, Dragon Ball Z features, and Wishbone [PBS]. In 2021 he collaborated with his wife artist Carmen Menza on a five movement interactive chamber piece with visual projections as part of the Dallas Symphony’s Soluna series featuring DSO players. His 70 plus minute Ballet ‘Colin’ commissioned by Manassas Ballet Theatre premiered in 2014. Additionally he has scored numerous films, documentaries, gaming, episodic TV, as well as a spectrum of commercials, and branded content.  Mark is also a sound designer and audio post mixer for many features, short films, and broadcast work.

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About Brooklyn
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Located in downtown Dallas, Menza Music features two control rooms and a live room designed by Mark Genfan.
The mix room as a Dolby compliant 5.1 mix stage with Genelec monitors and Xilica speaker management system.


Music drives the emotion and narrative of stories. From 30 seconds to feature length, we cast a wide net and are versatile in a range of genres for all types of media.


The soundscape of your project helps immerse the viewer in the moment. The right sound make a piece come alive and focuses the viewer on what’s happening.


Taking existing compositions to new places with the right orchestration and production.


From mono to 5.1. With the great sounding control rooms we mix the final elements of your project to tell your story, and insure that the world hears it the way it was meant to sound. ADR, foley, and remote patch available.

Our Service
Our Work


Selected examples of scoring and sound design from commissioned works.

Our Work


Selected Excerpts


selected excerpts2022

The Last Goodbye(From the short film Delete Is Final)
Refugee(Art installation The Theory Of Chance)
Oh, Look At The Time(From Le' Quarantine series)
Headed West(Branding campaign - Live Orchestra)
Evolving Translations(4th Movement of Negotiating Dialogs. DSO Soluna Festival)
Russian Dance(TV series Wishbone - live orchestra)
New Home(TV series Wishbone - live orchestra)
Buddah(TV series Wishbone - live orchestra)


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